Perceptive Expeditions
Global Caribbean V / Symposia on Contemporary Art and Culture 
Thursday, Jan. 23 and Friday, Jan. 24

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The "Perceptive Expeditions" symposium is to explore ostensible concerns around the recent global upturn that has encompassed contemporary Caribbean art and culture. The Two-day Symposium: Perceptive Expeditions is the scholarly cornerstone of the exhibition: Global Caribbean V, and brings together artists, writers, scholars, and community leaders to examine contemporary issues regarding the arts and culture of the Caribbean, as well as the communities of the diaspora.

Global Caribbean V Symposia [Perceptive Expeditions] brings issues and questions with a desire to spin the boundary that presently sets the regulations of what is assumed of importance or value in art & culture, concerning peripheral and adjacent neighborhoods of thought and production such as the Caribbean, in the face of borderless accelerated social and economic relations that currently determines the conditions in which art production is allowed to unravel and interact.