CLAS is an international center focused on twenty-first century issues that are impacting Miami, South Florida, and the Americas as a whole. CLAS analyzes trends and phenomena involved in these issues in order to take advantage of the positives and respond to the negatives to promote the common good. CLAS does this through focused analysis by multidisciplinary teams constituted by faculty, students, and other experts who aim to inform both the public and private sectors. These teams provide possibilities for both undergraduate and graduate students to obtain skills that open up career opportunities.


To establish CLAS as:

  • The premier resource to understand international issues that impact Miami, South Florida, and the Americas as a whole
  • A principal definer of research agendas to analyze emerging twenty-first century issues affecting the Americas
  • A resource and partner for innovative research that promotes the common good
  • A center that provides students at all levels with opportunities to acquire skills that respond to job market realities
  • A hub for networking based in a global city