CLAS: Center for Latin American Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CLAS offer courses or grant degrees?

The Latin American Studies Program (LAS) offers an undergraduate major and minor as well as a Master of Arts degree. In addition, LAS offers a five-year BA/MA program. Please see the website for more information.

May students and/or the members of the general public attend lectures and other activities sponsored by CLAS?

Definitely. Films, lectures, and special presentations announced by the Center are open, and all are welcome. Certain Center activities are directed at faculty and graduate students, principally through Interdisciplinary Research Groups.

Does the Center have any publications ?

CLAS supports the publication of Latin American Politics and Society, a quarterly magazine which examines important issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is the only scholarly journal in the social sciences edited and published with the imprimatur of the University of Miami. CLAS also supports the Cuban Theater Digital Archive, a digital humanities publication focusing on theater and performance in Cuba and the diaspora. CTDA is unique because it offers a platform for innovative multimodal publication in theater/performance research that also fosters scholarly and artistic communication between communities that are politically separated.

Can I locate an area specialist through CLAS?

Yes, check out our affiliated faculty page and click the link at the top to see the map of Latin America.

How do I contact the Center?

Call 305-284-1854, fax us at 305-284-2796, or e-mail us at, or visit us in Memorial 125B.

How do I get to the Center?

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