Laboratory for Molecular Photonics

Department of Chemistry

University of Miami

Goal: The goal of this project is the development of photoactivatable fluorophores designed to permit the acquisition of fluorescence images with spatial resolution at the nanometer level.

Results: The Laboratory of Molecular Photonics develops fluorophore-photochrome dyads designed to switch from a nonemissive to an emissive state reversibly upon illumination at an appropriate activation wavelength and permit the imaging of polymer nanoparticles and cellular substructures with subdiffraction resolution.

Keywords: Coumarins Fluorescence Halochromism Photochromism Molecular Switches Oxazines Photoactivatable Fluorophores Superresolution Imaging

Selected Articles

 "Photoactivatable Fluorophores for Super-Resolution Imaging Based on Oxazine Auxochromes": E. Deniz, M. Tomasulo, J. Cusido, I. Yildiz, M. Petriella, M. L. Bossi,

The reversible photoactivation of a coumarin fluorophore with the interconversion of a photochromic oxazine allows the imaging of the tubulin structure of model cells with subdiffraction resolution.

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Selected Reviews

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