Laboratory for Molecular Photonics

Department of Chemistry

University of Miami

Goal: The goal of this project is the development of activatable fluorophores designed to permit the selective detection of cancer cells with intense signals against dark backgrounds.

Results: The Laboratory of Molecular Photonics develops activatable macromolecular probes designed to switch their bright fluorescence on exclusively within the acidic organelles of cancer cells.

Keywords: Borondipyrromethenes Cancer Detection Coumarins Fluorescence Halochromism Macromolecular Probes Molecular Switches Oxazines Polymers

The selective internalization of pH-activatable macromolecular probes in the acidic organelles of cancer cells allows their detection with high brightness and contrast.

Selected Articles

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 "Bioimaging with Macromolecular Probes Incorporating Multiple BODIPY Fluorophores": E. R. Thapaliya, Y. Zhang, P. Dhakal, A. S. Brown, J. N. Wilson, K. M. Collins, F. M. Raymo, Bioconjugate Chem., 2017, 28, 1519–1528