‌Located in the heart of Coral Gables, a small city within Miami-Dade County, the Center for Supramolecular Science is devoted to the study of supramolecular interactions, structures and phenomena. Chartered by theUniversity of Miami Chemistry Department, the Center emphasizes the exploration of interdisciplinary research areas in which chemistry is the central and unifying discipline. The senior faculty of the Center comprises internationally known scientists, while the junior faculty members have advanced research experience in some of the premier groups in the field of supramolecular chemistry.


Thomas K. Harris, Associate Professor of Chemistry: NMR and kinetic studies to determine the structure and function of enzymes involved in cancer; development of novel structure and mechanism-based methods for custom design of improved cancer chemotherapeutic agents. More

Angel E. Kaifer, Professor of Chemistry: Electrochemistry of supramolecular assemblies, redox control of self-assembly, dendrimers as novel frameworks for electron transfer and host-guest complexation processes, development of the host properties of new cucurbituril hosts. More

Roger M. Leblanc, Professor of Chemistry: Supramolecular Chemistry in two dimensions; Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) film based aggregation studies of fluorophores, peptides and enzymes. combinatorial surface chemistry for design of artificial proteins or enzyme active sites; spectroscopic and advanced microscopic application in supramolecular chemistry; sol-gel processes related to biodegradable polymer syntheses and photo-cross-linking related to biomedical applications; Quantum Dots: surface modification towards replacement of “classical” fluorophores. More

V. Ramamurthy, Professor of Chemistry: Photochemistry and photophysics of molecular and supramolecular assemblies, exploration of confined cavities provided by crystals, zeolites, polymers, water-soluble organic hosts (e.g., cyclodextrins, cucurbiturils, octa-acid etc.), micelles and dendrimers as reaction media, green photochemistry. More

Françisco M. Raymo, Associate Professor of Chemistry: Electroactive films; electron transfer; energy transfer; fluorescence modulation; fluorescent nanoparticles; interfacial supramolecular association; photochromic switches; self-assembled monolayers and multilayers. More

James N. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry: Conjugated Polymers, Novel Fluorophores, Fluorescence Based Detection Schemes, and Organic Materials. More