Angel Kaifer

Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico, 1984
Postdoctorate, University of Texas, 1984-85


Research in a Nugget

Brief description of research

Publications 2004-Present

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Research in a Nugget

Brief description of research

Our group's research interests focus on the general area of Supramolecular Electrochemistry.  For more than twenty years we have been investigating the electrochemical properties of a number of supramolecular systems, from host-guest complexes to self-assembled monolayers and dendrimers.  In particular, we have been especially interested in the idea of using redox conversions to control the structure of supramolecular assemblies.  This possibility is very relevant to the design of molecular devices.  We are also interested on the effects that supramolecular structure may exert on the kinetics and thermodynamics of electron transfer reactions.  Illustrative examples of specific systems in which we are currently exploring these general ideas are:

Cucurbit[n]uril Complexes:  The cucurbit[n]uril (CB) hosts constitute a fascinating family of molecular containers with outstanding binding affinity and selectivity.  We are developing mechanisms to switch and control the binding ability of CB hosts on demand.  We have recently discovered that CB hosts can be used to control the extent of aggregation of dyes and porphyrins in aqueous media.  We are particularly interested in the development of analytical applications based on the controlled formation of highly fluorescent J-aggregates.

Molecular Capsules:  The electrochemical properties of encapsulated redox active centers are unusual and attractive because little is known on the properties and reactivity of encapsulated molecules.  Our efforts in this area are geared to understand electron transfer processes involving species trapped inside molecular capsules of variable sizes. 

Functionalized Dendrimers: We still continue our long-standing research effort on the properties of redox active and fluorescent dendrimers.  We are also working on dendrimer functionalization to facilitate effective DNA delivery to cells.

Graduate students in our research group learn to use physical/analytical techniques (mainly electrochemical and spectroscopic) for the characterization of molecular structures, supramolecular assemblies and binding interactions.  Many students in the group also have an opportunity to gain significant expertise in preparative organic chemistry.

Publications 2004-Present


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