The following represent graduate dissertations and theses accepted by the Chemistry Department of the University of Miami through 2004 and available in the Richter Library and/or described in the University of Miami Libraries IBISWEB database ( They are arranged first by year, then by author's name. 

Ling, Yonghua Ph.D. Molecular recognition properties of cucurbitural receptors 2007
Sivasubramanian,Karthik Ph.D Controlling selectivity in photochemical reactions through confinement and non bonding interactions 2007
Arumugam, Selvanathan Ph.D. Controlling photochemistry within polymeric and oligomeric organic hosts 2006
Chen, Weizhong Ph.D. Various reactions on Ru2 compounds: towards supramolecules and dendrimers 2006
Dequeant, Michael Ph.D. Dirhenium compounds containing N,N'-bridging bidentate ligands 2006
Gao, Xinxin Ph.D. Human phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase-1 (PDK1): mechanism of autoactivation and substrate catalysis 2006
Naistat, David Ph.D. A two dimensional biomimetic approach to the amyloydogenesis 2006
Pattabiraman, Mahesh Ph.D. Controlling photochemistry of organic molecules using water soluble hosts 2006
Sun, Hao Ph.D. Self-assembly of dendrimers and highly coupled ferrocene dimers via hydrogen bonding 2006
Zhao, Liang Ph.D. Organophosphorus acid ahydrolase: secondary structure analysis in solution and langmuir-blodgett film and the direct CDS quantum dots conjugation for detection of diisopropylfluorophosphate 2006
Zheng, Jiayin Ph.D. Spectroscopic properties of organophosphorus hydrolase (OPH) and organophosphorus acid anhydrolase (OPAA) 2006
Barker, Julia Ph.D. Homogeneous sulfide oxygenation viaMN and Ru catalysts and interactionbetween [Cu2([18]aneN6)]4+ and phosphates 2005
Ji, Xiaojun Ph.D. Semiconductor quantum dots: surface chemistry, surface modification and applications 2005
Li, Changqing Ph.D. Study of the functional peptides and peptidolipids: a surface chemistry approach 2005
McDonough, James Ph.D. Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of ligand binding, oxidative addition and atom/group transfer,and group VI metal complexes. 2005
Phillip, Ivy E. Ph.D. Non-covalent encapsulation of redox active compounds byresorcin[4]arenes 2005
Sobrasingh, David Ph.D. Dendritic and metalica nanoassemblies 2005
Tomasulo, Massimiliano Ph.D. Photochromic molecules 2005
Alvarado, Robert John Ph.D. Electrochemistry of crown ether fullerenes, intermolecular signal communication, and electron transport at electrodes modified with 4,4'-bipyridinium dications 2004
Berbeci, Lidia Strimbu Ph.D. Complexation effects on novel catalyst and thiol-disulfide equilibrium 2004
Cejas, Mabel Alamino Ph.D. Fluorescent coatings for chemical sensing 2004

Constantine, Celeste A Ph.D. Surface immobilization of organophosphorus hyrolase for biosensor based spectroscopic detection of an organophosphorus derivative 2004
Giordani, Silvia Ph.D. Digital processing and communication at the molecular level 2004
Klein, Rosalyn Ph.D. [alpha]-Aminoorganostannanes to [alpha]-aminoorganolithiums: kinetic, mechanistic and structural studies 2004
Moon, Kwangyul Ph.D. Molecular capsule and redox effects of encapsulated guests 2004
Pacsial, Eden Joy V Ph.D. Synthesis and electrochemistry of films incorporating bipyridinium and tetrathiafulvalene building blocks 2004
Santiago, Marcelina Ph.D. Study of rigid [alpha]-aminoorganolithiums: I. addition of S,N- acetals of aldehydes; II. Solution structure of [alpha]-aminoorganostannanes and 1-azaallylic anion on reactions with chiral lithium amides 2004
Xu, Guolin Ph.D. Syntheses and characterization of diruthenium metallaynes and charge mobility therein 2004
Cao, Xihui Ph.D. Langmuir, Langmuir-Blodgett and layer-by-layer ultra-thin film properties of amphiphilic molecules and organophosphorus hydrolase (OPH), and the OPH thin film bioassay of an organophosphorus compound (paraoxon) 2003
Grindstaff, Jodi M.S. Peripheral modification and binding studies of unsymmetric viologen dendrimers 2003
Sukcharoenphon, Kengkaj Ph.D. The activation of N-heterocyclic thiols and disulfides by Group VI organometallic complexes : a kinetic and thermodynamic study 2003
Williams, Margaret B Ph.D. Kinetic and mechanistic studies of the OH initiated oxidation of reduced sulfides 2003
Kele, Peter Ph.D. Synthesis and application studies of novel coumarin derivatives 2002
Kim, Chang-Sik Ph.D. Electronic effects on Bergman cyclyzation and synthesis of novel enediyne analogues as potential DNA selective cleavage molecules for anticancer agents 2002
Micic, Miodrag Ph.D. Surface and supramolecular chemistry studies of selected cross-linked macromolecular systems 2002
Ong, Winston Ph.D. Molecular and dendritic encapsulation of viologens 2002
Pierrot, Denis Ph.D. Thermodynamic investigations using the Pitzer formalism: extension of the model and its applications 2002
Sui, Guodong Ph.D. Molecular orientation in Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of disk-shaped molecules including amphiphilic dendrimers and liquid crystalline perylene diimide derivatives 2002
Zanardi Lamardo, Eliete Ph.D. Molecular mass and optical characterization of size-fractionated CDOM in riverine to marine transition zone 2002
Zheng, Yujun Ph.D. Photocrosslinking PEG hydrogel and peptide fluorescent sensors for copper ions 2002
Kong, Sue Ph.D. Theoretical studies of solvent effects and Lewis acid catalysis on Diels-Alder reactions 2001
Macias, Alba Teresa Ph.D. Theoretical studies of structural and energetic properties of macromolecules and their intermolecular interactions 2001
Mojica Prieto, Francisco Javier M.S. A study of the carbonic acid dissociation constants in seawater 2001
Ni, Yuhua M.S. [Ru2(ap)4]-based extended metalla-ynes from cross- & homo-coupling reactions under Hay conditions 2001
Orbulescu, Jhony M.S. Langmuir monolayer studies of amphiphilic octadecyl derivatives 2001
Alvarez, Julio C Ph.D. Proton transfer effects on the redox properties of dinuclear and multinuclear ferrocene amines 2000
Ballestero, Cynthia M.S. Synthesis of novel enediyne amino acids designed to be incorporated into peptide hormones 2000
Campagna, Silvio A Ph.D. Studies of dipole-stabilized and unstabilized alpha-aminoorganolithiums 2000
Choy, Nakyen Ph.D. Design, synthesis and study of Bergman cyclization of novel enediyne analogues 2000
Frau, Ana M.S. Size control of metal nanoparticles by passivation with a multidentate stabilizer or by encapsulation in a sol-gel matrix 2000
Katipamula, Nandini M.S. A Langmuir film study of alkoxy and chlorosilanes : a comparative study 2000
Roman Vela, Esteban Ph.D. Preparation of [n]cavitands and bipyridinium functionalized electrochemically active cavitands 2000
Wang, Yun Ph.D. Host-guest complexation studies in aqueous solution and at the electrode-solution interface 2000
Capps, Kenneth Bryant Ph.D. Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of group VI metals with sulfur compounds and/or nitric oxide 1999
Cardona, Claudia Maria Ph.D. Novel electroactive and fluorescent dendrimers 1999
Dziri, Leila Ph.D. Conformational studies of acetylcholinesterase at air-water and air-solid interfaces and development of an optical fiber for detection of organophosphorous compounds 1999
Guo, Zhengmao Ph.D. Design and synthesis of cysteine protease inhibitors utilizing S-nitrosation mechanism 1999
Huo, Qun Ph.D. Design, synthesis and application of hydrogen bond directed molecular receptors and supramolecular self-assemblies 1999
Li, Jun Ph.D. Synthesis, conformational analysis, and application of bioactive oligosaccharides 1999
Liu, Jian Ph.D. Host-guest chemistry at the surface of gold nanoparticles 1999
McGill, Andrea Dionne Ph.D. The design, synthesis and use of N-nitrosoaniline compounds as nitric oxide transferring agents 1999
Mendoza Diaz, Sandra O Ph.D. Electrochemistry of hemicarceplexes, hemicarcerands and inclusion complexes 1999
Pyo, Soomi Ph.D. Electrochemistry of molecular dyads containing fullerenes, porphyrins, or phthalocyanines and electrocrystallization of transition metal complexes 1999
Rajamani, Ramkumar M.S. Theory of pericyclic reaction catalysis by ionic solutions 1999
Ramirez, Johnny E Ph.D. Novel nitric oxide donors and glycolipid biosensors 1999
Schulze-Fiehn, Brita G Ph.D. Theoretical assessment of global and local motions in carbonmonoxy myoglobin and their functional significance 1999
Verma, Deepali M.S. Host-guest interactions in 2-D at the air-water interface : a Langmuir study 1999
Wang, Shaopeng Ph.D. Molecular recognition at the interface: a Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett film study 1999
Mirzoian, Armen Ph.D. Solvent effects and redox control on host-guest binding phenomena 1998
Arias, Francisco Ph.D. Electrochemistry of fullerenes and fullerene derivatives 1997
Castro, Rene Ph.D. Noncovalent interactions in supramolecular complexes 1997
Godinez-Mora-Tovar, Luis Arturo Ph.D. Cyclodextrin complexation of several guests in water and water-urea mixtures and studies on the adsorption of organic molecules on bare and modified gold electrodes 1997
Gomez-Kaifer, Marielle Elise Ph.D. Conformational, binding, and electrochemical studies of redox-active calixarenes 1997
Lawson, Raphael Cudjoe Ph.D. Spectroelectrochemistry of nitroxide biradicals and cation binding enhancement studies of anthraquinone crown compounds 1997
Ju, Telvin Dominic Ph.D. Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of oxidative addition of thiols and disulfides to Cr(CO)3C5Me5 and W(phen)(CO)3(EtCN) 1996
Taveras, Daniel Vicente Ph.D. High-pressure studies of intramolecular electron transfer processes in solution 1996
Cordova Morales, Emilio Ph.D. From rotaxanes to molecular shuttles : novel rotaxanes based on the inclusion complexation of phenyl and biphenyl guests by cyclobis(paraquat-p-phenylene) : an experimental and theoretical study 1995
Lang, Russell Francis Ph.D. The reactivity of disulfides and thiols with two tungsten tris-carbonyl systems : W(CO)3(phen)(EtCN) and W(CO)3(P-i-Pr3)2 1995
Li, Chensheng Ph.D. The synthesis and study of molecular receptors containing ferrocene group 1995
Pan, Wei Ph.D. The influence of side-chains on electronic coupling between metal centers in simple model systems 1995
Zhang, Qianhui Ph.D. Study of [alpha]-amino organolithiums: I. Configurational stabilities, II. Alkylation, III. Sigmatropic rearrangements and diastereoselectivities of addition of chiral lithio thiazolidines to aldehydes 1995
Rojas Guitart, Maria Teresa Ph.D. Controlling electrode reactivity: applications in biomembrane mimetics and molecular and ion sensors 1994
Xie, Qingshan Ph.D. 23Na-NMR studies of Na+ transport mediated by synthetic carriers across vesicle membranes and fullerides of fullerenes and fulleroids: an ESR and electrochemical study 1994
Goodnow, Timothy T Ph.D. Electrochemical and spectroscopic properties of viologen-based catenanes, rotaxanes and cyclophanes 1993
Kiss, Gabor Ph.D. Thermochemical studies of [M([Eta]5-C5H5)(CO)3]2(M=Cr, Mo, W) and their derivative complexes 1993
Li, Chæi Ph.D. Synthesis of myristic acid analogs: studying the substrate specificity of MyristoylCoA: protein N-myristoyltransferase, characterizing the enzyme's binding pocket, and treating viral as well as fungal infections 1993
Li, Qi Ph.D. Synthesis of myristic acid analogs - studying the substrate specificity of myristoylcoa:protein N-myristoyltransferase; characterizing the enzyme's binding pocket; and treating viral as well as fungal infections 1993
Li, Yi Ph.D. Cation exchange kinetics and mechanisms of macrocyclic polyether cation complexes and chiral recognition by triazole-crown ligands 1993
Nien, Chia-fu Jeff Ph.D. The gas-phase oxidation reactions of alkali and alkaline earth metal atoms 1993
Schall, Otto Franz Ph.D. Non-covalent forces in molecular recognition: modes of interaction and self-assembling properties of novel molecular receptors 1993
Zhang, Pingsheng Ph.D. Studies on the oxazoline-mediated asymmetric addition of tetrahydroisoquinoline Grignards to aldehydes and its applications in the synthesis of optically pure isoquinoline alkaloids and directed metalation/Snieckus rearrengement of benzylic carbamates 1993
Isnin, Rahimah Ph.D. Switchable bimodal cyclodextrin complexation of ferrocene derivatives for supramolecular assemblies 1992
Medina, Julio C Ph.D. Novel roles for ferrocene derivatives in molecular recognition 1992
Chen, Zhihong Ph.D. Redox-switched and lipophilic ligands: from enhanced cation binding and transport to molecular assemblies 1991
Chou, Shou Jiau M.S. Synthesis and thermodynamics of chromium : molybdenum and tungsten organometallic compounds 1991
Garcia, Nancy Maria Ph.D. Structural and immunological manifestations of racemization in myelin basic protein peptides 1991
Gonzalez, Alberto Alfonso Ph.D. Synthetic, kinetic and thermodynamic studies of the complexes (PCY3)2M(Co)3 M=Cr, Mo, and W 1991
Hernandez, Jeanette Coromoto Ph.D. Syntheses of ion-carrier lariat ethers: their cation binding ability and cation transport properties; and syntheses of steroidal lariat ethers: their amphiphilic behavior and self-assembly properties 1991
Hubinger, Scott Ph.D. Binding site preference and isomerization in pentaamminecobalt(III) linkage isomers 1991
Kim, Hyunsook Ph.D. Studies of electrochemically-switchable anthraquinone crown ethers and podands and the syntheses of fluorescent probes 1991
Lee, Dana M M.S. Effects of excluded volume interaction on hairpin loop formation in RNA 1991
Mukerjee, Shakti Lalit Ph.D. Thermochemical studies of group VI metals by solution calorimetry 1991
Rein, Kathleen Sue Ph.D. Oxazolines as mediators in the asymmetric alkylation and hydroxyalkylation of tetrahydroisoquinolines and oxazolidinones as mediators for acyclic stereoselection in the synthesis of primary amines 1991
Trafton, John Edward Ph.D. Selectivity and mechanism in cation-macrocycle interactions 1991
Echegoyen, Lourdes Echeverria Ph.D. Lariat ethers: from electrochemically enhanced cation transport to supramolecular assemblies 1990
Parra-Diaz, Dennisse Ph.D. Magnetic resonance and molecular mechanics studies of lariat ethers and calcium binding proteins 1990
Zhang, Kai Ph.D. Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of chromium, molybdenum and tungsten organometallic complexes 1990
Miller, Steven Ross Ph.D. Syntheses, cation binding, and structural properties of nitrogen-pivot lariat ethers 1989
Smith, Gregory Anthony Ph.D. The asymmetric synthesis of tetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloids using an amino acid-derived oxazoline as a chiral mediator 1989
Almirall, Jose Rafael M.S. Electron spin resonance studies of novel cyclooctatetraene-crown ether compounds 1988
Arnold, Kristin Anne Ph.D. Studies of cation binding by lariat ethers and thermodynamics of the complexation process 1988
Hart, Georgina C Ph.D. The metalation-alkylation of valine-derived piperidinooxazolines via dipole stabilized anions 1988
Kell-Anderson, Karon M.S. Aluminum facilitated racemization of aspartic acid in brain protein: a molecular basis for aluminum induced neurotoxicity 1988
Obeng, Yaw Samuel Ph.D. Non-continuum contributions to the energetics of optically induced intramolecular electron transfer 1988
Payan, Iris Llovanni Ph.D. Defective aspartyl residues in human brain proteins 1988
Boyette, Scott Martell Ph.D. Apparent molar heat capacities of dilute methanol solutions from 298 to temperatures approaching the critical temperature 1987
Chemburkar, Radhika M.S. Chemical changes involving racemization and crosslinking in food proteins during their processing 1987
Chemburkar, Sanjay R Ph.D. Generation and cyclization of nitrilium ions from amides and synthesis of chiral amines 1987
Delgado, Milagros Ph.D. Spin distribution and binding properties of macrocyclic polyether-metal complexes and cycloctatetraene derivatives: E.S.R. Studies 1987
Ghosal, Saswati M.S. New reactions of alkynes, alkenes, and arenes promoted by copper, nickel, and mercury reagents 1987
Goicoechea-Pappas, Marta Elena D.A. Chiral oxazolines as auxiliaries for stereoselective alkylations of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines 1987
Gustowski, Deborah Ann Ph.D. Cation effects on the electrochemistry of crown ethers, lariat ethers and podands 1987
Kim, Min Sook Ph.D. Studies directed toward the fabrication of synthetic, cation-conducting channels 1987
Nieves, Jaime Enrique Ph.D. ESR studies of spin distribution and cation binding in organic and biological systems 1987
Nolan, Steven Patrick Ph.D. Solution thermochemical studies of organomolybdenum complexes 1987
White, Banita Doshia Ph.D. Syntheses, cation binding, and structural properties of nitrogen-pivot lariat ethers 1986
Hall, John Harvey Ph.D. Linkage isomerization reactions of cobalt(III) complexes 1985
Lankford, James I, Jr Ph.D. Thermodynamic properties of electrolytes in methanol and dimethylsulfoxide 1985
Lian, Norman D M.S. Purity protocol, leaching, and swelling behavior of 2-hydroxyethel methacrylate/methacrylic acid hydrogels in water, electrolytes, and organic solvents 1985
Lopez de la Vega, Ramon Ph.D. Nucleophilic attack on organonitrile complexes of pentaamminecobalt(III) 1985
Salimon, Jumat Bin M.S. The effect of metals on the phorbide to porphyrin transition in chlorophyll diagenesis 1985
Triay, Ines Ramona Ph.D. A method to evaluate heterogeneous electron-transfer kinetic parameters using convolution integral techniques 1985
LeGault, Michael M.S. The measurement of the thermal expansion coefficient of polystyrene suspensions 1983
Lang, Valerie Ilona M.S. Gas-phase photolysis of 2-methyl-1,3-butadiene at 123.6 nm 1982
Braun, Chester Val M.S. Calorimetric and dilatometric studies of structural properties and relaxation of vicinal water 1981
Cianci, J Jeffrey M.S. Thermal anomalies in vicinal water as studied by DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) 1981
French, Raymond N Ph.D. The volumes and heat capacities of nonelectrolytes and organic electrolytes in methanol at 25 1981
Snell, Kenneth D Ph.D. The chloride inhibition of ethanol electrooxidation at a platinum electrode in acidic and neutral aqueous solutions 1981
Termine, Enrico John Ph.D. Direct and rearrangement cationic cyclizations of alkenyloximes 1981
Truesdell, Joel William M.S. The effect of adsorption of sulfur containing polymers on the salt water corrosion of mild steel 1981
Victoriano, Maria Elena Ph.D. Electron transfer kinetic studies of isomeric cobalt (III) complexes: linkage isomers and geometric isomers 1981
Ellis, Walther Robert M.S. Reactions of coordinated nitriles 1980
Lin, En-chu M.S. Anodic oxidation of hydrazones 1980
Palmer, Miguel M.S. The Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reaction of dimethyl sulfoxide 1980
Dickneider, Trudy Ann Ph.D. Ethylbenzene-a-D: synthesis, optical rotation and gas-phase proton transfer; synthesis of selectively deuterated alkyl sulfoxides 1979
Dordick, Robert Stuart Ph.D. On viscosity of aqueous electrolyte solutions: single salts and their mixtures 1979
Ferrer-Vinent, Igancio Javier Ph.D. Electrochemical investigations of transition series metal-metal oxide electrodes in fused potassium nitrate 1979
Hendricks, Lewis Roe M.S. Analysis of oxygenated hydrocarbons in complex gas mixtures by gas chromatography: a feasibility study 1979
Pendleton, Tanis S Ph.D. The vacuum ultraviolet photolysis of trans- and cis-1,2-dimethylcyclopropane 1979
Barrio, Gladys A Ph.D. Thermodynamic properties of electrolytes in ethylene glycol and other nonaqueous solvents 1978
Etzler, Frank M Ph.D. A role for water in biological rate processes 1978
Lage, Gladys A Barrio Ph.D. Thermodynamic properties of electrolytes in ethylene glycol and other nonaqueous solvents 1978
Pappatheodorou, Sofia Ph.D. Directive effects in grignard reagent additions to conjugated carbonyl compounds 1978
Victoriano, Maria Elena M.S. Gas-phase isotope effect studies of proton abstractions from monodeuterated toluenes 1978
Delgado, Eileen Victoria Ph.D. Nucleophilic reactions of hemin-micellar systems: a kinetic, spectral, and equilibrium study 1977
Diaz, Zaida Ph.D. The vacuum ultraviolet photolysis of tetrahydrofuran and 1,2-butadiene 1977
Goodman, Paulette Ann Ph.D. Oxidation of ferroprotoporphyrin IX solubilized in surfactant micelles 1977
Hurtado, Ricardo Marcel M.S. Ionic selectivities of vicinal water in the pores of a silica gel 1977
Martin, Roberto Ph.D. Fluorescence of benzoic acid 1977
Zelmer, Pamela Paxton Ph.D. Elimination reactions of amino acids : the base induced dehydrochlorination reaction of a B-chloroalanine-copper(II) complex 1977
Bordeaux, William Harllee, Jr D.A Utilization of techniques in organic analysis on consumer products: a project 1976
Kramer, David Allan Ph.D. The corrosion kinetics of copper in aqueous amino acid and carboxylic acid solutions 1976
Maenpa, Francis Charles Ph.D. Nucleophilic reactions of hemin-micellar and heme-micellar systems : a kinetic, spectral, and equilibrium study 1976
Pasztor, Andrew J Ph.D. Apparent molal heat capacities and apparent molal volumes of electrolytes in anhydrous methanol at various temperatures 1976
Shin, Charles Choon-Ho Ph.D. Partial molal heat capacities of tetraalkylammonium bromides in water and methanol at various temperatures 1976
Williamson, Thomas R Ph.D. The Pt/PtO/CO{98}32-/CO{98}2 electrode system in molten alkali nitrate solvent 1976
Oatis, John Edward Ph.D. Substituent effects on nitrogen-15-hydrogen coupling constants in oximes/synthesis of styrylquinoxalines 1975
Allaway, James Redding Ph.D. Deuterium isotope effects and orientation in bimolecular elimination reactions 1974
Bogan, Michael Dean M.S. Parameters influencing the measurement of potentials generated during the freezing of dilute aqueous electrolyte solutions 1974
Chambless, William Henry, Jr Ph.D. Studies of alpha-aminoalkanesulfonic acids and related compounds containing geminal nitrogen and sulfur on carbon 1974
Fernandez, Carlos Gregorio Ph.D. The copper - copper-oxide electrode in fused alkali-metal-nitrate melts 1974
Moreno, Henry Rene Ph.D. Syntheses of some 2-, 6-, and/or 7-substituted quinoxaline compounds as potential antimalarials 1974
Ohanian, Michael Gregory Ph.D. Electrical conductivity and thermodynamic parameters of ammonium perchlorate 1974
Schwenzer, Kathryn Sarah Ph.D. A kinetic, spectral, and equilibrium study of hemin-micellar systems with various nucleophiles 1974
Webb, Charles Alan Ph.D. A polarization resistance study of copper corrosion kinetics in aqueous chloride and amino acid solutions 1974
Cantillo, Adriana Yolanda M.S. Near infrared absorption spectra of water in solutions and in crystals 1973
Fisher, George Harold, Jr Ph.D. Synthesis and stereochemistry of substituted tetrahydroquinoxalines 1973
Jungck, John R Ph.D. Oligomerization of mononucleotides in anhydrous, hydrous, and hypohydrous milieus: an experimental quest for analogs of protobiogenesis of nucleic acids 1973
Lopez, Encarnacion Ph.D. The vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) photolysis of ethylcyclopropane and vinylcyclopropane 1973
Radak, Steven Ph.D. Spectra of inorganic crystalline hydrate systems 1973
Weber, Arthur L Ph.D. Aminoacylation of homopolyribonucleotides by N-(aminoacyl)-imidazoles 1973
Binkewicz, Joseph Barnard M.S. The gas phase photolysis of 1,1-dimethylcyclopropane at 253.7 nm, 147.0 nm, 123.6 nm, and 106.7 nm 1972
Tu, Chingkuang Ph.D. The vacuum ultraviolet photolysis of cyclopentene & methylenecyclobutane below and above their ionization potential 1972
Chiu, Tai-Woo Ph.D. Study of Lewis acid-base complex formation in solution through dielectric measurements 1971
Ferrer, Ignacio Javier M.S. Spectra of copper, nickel and cobalt complexes in ternary nitrate eutectic and in ammonium nitrate melts 1971
Goldstein, Mark K Ph.D. The computer simulation of defects in ammonium perchlorate 1971
Micklus, Michael John Ph.D. The stereochemistry of the Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reduction of cyclic ketones 1971
Zapico, Silvia C M.S. Stereoselective reactions of Cu(II)-amino acid complexes 1971
Bogdansky, Simon Ph.D. Spectral properties of copper(II) - amino-acid complexes 1970
Lane, William Bartlett Ph.D. An acidity scale for fused potassium nitrate 1970
Mastroianni, Martin Ph.D. The partial molal heat capacities of selected electrolytes in water and methanol at various temperatures 1970
Siegmund, Robert Fred Ph.D. Kinetics of the thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate 1970
Chang, Hsien-Hsin M.S. Oxidation and elimination reactions of arylsulfonate esters in dimethylsulfoxide 1969
Pappas, Anthony John Ph.D. Coordination compounds of substituted pyridine-1-oxides with mercury(II) salts 1969
Villa, Juan Francisco Ph.D. The interactions of metal salts with organic isocyanates and isothiocyanates 1969
Franco, Nicholas Benjamin Ph.D. Synergistic catalysis of ammonium-nitrate decomposition 1968
Gendler, Paul L M.S. Dimethylsulfoxide oxidations of nitrobenzenesulfonates 1968
Gerchakov, Shlomo M Ph.D. Syntheses of some N-(2-quinoxaloyl)-amino acids and N-(2-quinoxaloyl)-dipeptides related to quinoxaline antibiotics 1968
Tso, Man-Yin Wong M.S. Thermodynaic properties of high charge density ions in N-substituted formamides 1968
Brockington, James W M.S. The synergistic catalysis of ammonium nitrate decomposition by copper and chloride ions 1967
Doughty, Raymond Alan Ph.D. Synthesis and deamination of cis- and trans-3-isopropylcyclobutylamine 1967
Morejon, Clara Baez M.S. A comparison of physical properties of N-methyl-, N-trimethylsilylacetamide and N,O-bis(trimethylsilyl)acetamide 1967
Tso, Wung Wai M.S. The gas phase interaction of alkyl halides and alkylamines 1967
Waldinger, Ronda White M.S. Variations in acidity and water content during the chloride-catalyzed decomposition of ammonium nitrate 1967
Wilcox, Floyd L, Sr M.S. Electrometric measurements in fused alkali nitrates 1967
Fefer, Enrique M.S. Thermodynamic properties of some alkyl- and fluoroalkylmercury(II) hydroxides 1966
Notz, Karl Joseph, Jr Ph.D. Electrometric measurements in fused ammonium-nitrate 1966
Soto, Aida Rafaela Ph.D. Base promoted reactions of sulfonate esters in dipolar aprotic solvents 1966
Pappas, Anthony John M.S. The interaction of pyridine-N-oxide with mercury (II) halides 1965
Pappatheodorou, Sofia M.S. A study of the formation of olefins from alcohols and platinum salts 1965
Villa, Juan Francisco M.S. The interaction of pyridine-N-oxide with mercury (II) salts 1965
Fearnow, Philip W M.S. Studies on the induction period of the chloride-catalyzed decomposition of ammonium nitrate 1964
Colvin, Clair Ivan Ph.D. Studies on the mechanism of the chloride-catalyzed decomposition of ammonium-nitrate 1963
Iyengar, R Doreswamy Ph.D. The decomposition of nitrous oxide on chromia-on-alumina catalysts 1963
Brill, Earl Ph.D. Stereospecific synthesis of cis and trans dl-decahydroquinoxalines 1962
Dimitriades, Basil Ph.D. Thermal decomposition of ammonium-nitrate and its catalysis by sodium-chloride 1962
Granito, Charles E M.S. The preparation of alkyl phenyl ketones and related compounds 1962
Kirby, John A M.S. Ferrocene studies 1962
Brill, Earl M.S. Decahydroquinoxaline-2-one 1958
Brisker, Morton Sherman M.S. The separation of polysulfonated phthalocyanines 1958
Burnham, Daniel A M.S. The densities, viscosities, refractive indices, and surface tensions of the binary-liquid system hexamethyldisiloxane-benzene 1958
Rosenthal, Herman Allan M.S. The infrared spectra of a series of trimethyl-n-alkylsilazanes 1958
Soisson, Donald Jude M.S. The synthesis of 3-methyl-6-carbethoxyquinoxalinol-2 and 3-methyl-7-carbethoxyquinoxalinol-2 1958
Scheuplein, Robert John M.S. The irradiation of dilute solutions of cysteine 1956
Hostettler, James B M.S. A study of the water sorption characteristics of silica gel, activated alumina, and anhydrous calcium sulfate 1955
Hubinger, Henry M.S. A study of the preparation of 2-hydroxy-3-methyl-6-carboxyquinoline 1955
Roop, Walter E M.S. The electrodeposition of molybdenum 1955
Wright, Shirley Jean M.S. The solvolysis of butyl bromide in methanol-water mixtures 1955
Gens, Theodore A M.S. A quinoxaline analog of pteroylglutamic acid 1953
Goldweber, Morton I M.S. The synthesis and study of 2-hydroxy-3-alkylquinoxalines 1953
Zimmerman, Aaron H M.S. The preparation of a halogen intermediate for the synthesis of pteroic acid analogs 1953
Moore, Earl Phillip, Jr M.S. Physical properties of some propyl and isopropyl silazanes 1952
Munk, Morton E M.S. The preparation of unsymmetrically substituted quinoxalines: the synthesis of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-2,6-dimethylquinoxaline and 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-2,7-dimethylquinoxaline 1952
Blackburn, William A M.S. Studies of the preparation of 2-hydroxy-3-methyl-6- and 7-carboxyquinoxaline 1951
McGuire, John M M.S. Characterization of porous glass as a chromatographic sorbent 1951
Patton, Robert Hoover M.S. The preparation of 2,3-dialkoxyquinoxalines 1951
Peurifoy, Paul V M.S. Polarigraphic oxidation and reduction of some chlorides 1951
Wilson, Frank G M.S. The thickening of cedarwood oil by air oxidation 1951
Kabara, Jon Jos M.S. The preparation of hexaiodofluorescein 1950
Rubovsky, Victor K M.S. A study of the voltage characteristics of cadmium electrodes for alkaline storage cells 1950
Kenhart, John Herbert M.S. The electrodeposition of tantalum from aqueous and non-aqueous solutions of complex ions 1949
Hargis, Charles W M.S. The steam fractionation of cedar-wood oil