‌Kathleen Sullivan Sealey


25 Cox Science Center
1301 Memorial Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33124
E-mail: ksealey@miami.edu
Office: (305) 284-3013
Fax: (305) 284-3039

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  • ASEL/IFR Pilot - 3000 hours
  • NOAA Research Diver - 1992 to date
  • Research SCUBA Diver: University of Miami - 1986 to date
  • ESRI ArcView Geographic Information Systems Certified Training Program - August 2001, Arc GIS May 2004
  • American Fisheries Society Course in Histology and Reproduction of marine fishes, Jacksonville, Fl. February 23 - 24 2001
  • National Science Foundation Short Course in Oceanography. July 1990, University of San Diego, La Jolla, California.
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography. University of California-San Diego. Ph.D. Marine Biology. 1982. La Jolla, California 92093.
  • University of Notre Dame. B.S. Biology. 1978. Notre Dame, Indiana 46556. Graduated cum laude.


  • Organizing Committee Member - NOAA NMFS Office of Habitat Backreef Initiative 1999 to date
  • "Principal Investigator of the Year" for 2003, Earthwatch Institute, Maynard, Mass - November 2003.
  • Selected to National Park Management Planning Team, Bahamas National Trust - July 2003
  • Elected to Council of International Society for Reef Studies - October 2000
  • Nominated for the Pew Scholars Program in Conservation and the Environment - 1994.
  • Florida Keys Regional Marine Laboratory State Advisory Board. Selected member of 5-person state board 1990 - 1992.
  • National Admissions Advisory Board, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, 46556. Selected 1988 to 2002
  • Board of Trustees, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556. Elected three-year term 1984-1987.
  • Astronaut Candidate Interviewee. 1987, 1984. NASA-Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas.
  • Best student paper in Ichthyology. Southern California Academy of Science Meetings. 1982.
  • F. Earl Durham, Jr. Award. Best student paper presented at the Southern California Academy of Science Meetings. 1981


  • Conservation and Restoration Biology
  • Tropical Biology


  • Huffard, CL, S Von Thun, AD Sherman, K Sullivan Sealey, KL Smith. 2014. Pelagic Sargassum community change over a 40-year period: temporal and spatial variability. Marine Biology. 09/2014.

    Sullivan Sealey, K, VN McDonough, and KSLunz. 2014. Coastal impact ranking of small islands for conservation, restoration and tourism development: A case study of The Bahamas. Ocean & Coastal Management, 91:88–101.

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    Sullivan Sealey, K and J Smith. 2014. Recycling for small island tourism developments: Food waste composting at Sandals Emerald Bay, Exuma, Bahamas. Resources Conservation and Recycling, 92:25–37.
  • Semon, K. L., K Sullivan Sealey and V. L. Nero. 2005. The influence of habitat selection and density on the population dynamics of stony coral species of the Bahamian archipelago Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Coral Reefs, Okinawa, Japan July 2004.
  • Nero, V.L and Kathleen Sullivan Sealey. 2005. Characterization of tropical near-shore fish communities by coastal habitat status on spatially complex island systems. Environmental Biology of Fishes 73