Exhibition Dates: April 4 – 23, 2017

Location: UM Wynwood Gallery
Entries due: Thursday, March 23, 2017 by 5:00pm via Google Drive

Eligibility: Any undergraduate or graduate student who has taken an ART course since May 2016.


  •  Only three entries per student not limited to one category. Each entry selected by the juror must have a label securely attached to it.

  •  The entry form must be filled out completely and submitted along with the photos of the artwork. Please print legibly.

  •  We must have an insurance value even if the work is not for sale. Please submit a fair market insurance value at the time of entering your works.


    ONLINE SUBMISSIONS ONLY: send up to 3 entries.

    Digital Entry File Requirements:
    A folder titled YOUR LastName_FirstName that includes your images and entry application must be uploaded to Google Drive and shared with m.cardoso1@miami.edu. All University of Miami students have free access to Google Drive through UMIT http://it.miami.edu/a-z-listing/google-drive/index.html

  • File format: JPEG only

  • File dimensions: No smaller than 1920 pixels on the longest side

  • File resolution: 72 ppi/dpi (standard web resolution)

  • File size: up to 5 MB maximum

    Please label each jpeg image with your name and the corresponding entry number:

    LastName_FirstName_1.jpg, LastName_FirstName_2.jpg

    If you have any detail images or alternative angles of an entry include the word “detail” at the end:

    LastName_FirstName_1Detail1.jpg,LastName_FirstName_1Detail2.jpg, etc.

    Entry Rules and Guidelines:

    •  All work must be the original artwork of the student artist.

    •  Sales will be encouraged with 40% of the sale benefitting the department.

    •  All works must be properly framed and ready to hang. All works must be finished, dry and ready for

      installation. (No wet paint, wet glue or unstable media)

    •  Wet paintings will not be accepted.

    •  Nails, screws, staples, etc. should not protrude from any surface. Screw eyes and hanging wire must

      be attached firmly to the back of the piece. Works on clip/poster frames will not be considered.

    •  The UM Wynwood Gallery is not responsible for adjustments to poorly framed or prepared art.

      Improperly prepared works will not be exhibited.

    •  The use of organic materials that might deteriorate during the exhibition needs to be approved in advance of entering the work.

    •  Any fragile or complicated pieces will be the artist’s responsibility to install and to move.

    •  The Department of Art and Art History is able to transport the artwork for you. However, we will not

      be liable for any damages occurring while in transit. Please be sure to wrap or box your artwork securely.

Contact Information: For any questions or concerns please email Milly Cardoso (Gallery Director), m.cardoso1@miami.edu. Tel: 305.284.3161

Information on Google Drive: http://it.miami.edu/a-z-listing/google-drive/index.html Important Dates:

Thursday, March 23: Entries must be photographed and submitted via Google Drive by 5:00pm. Monday, March 27: Jurying, Rainbow Conference Room. No eligible students may be present. Tuesday, March 28: Jury notifications will be emailed.
Thursday, March 30: All selected works must be delivered to the Rainbow Building at 10:00am. Friday, March 31: Installation @ Wynwood

Saturday, April 8: Opening Reception from 6pm to 9pm @ Wynwood
Wednesday, April 26: Artwork pick up from 9am to 1pm @ The Rainbow Building. Works must be collected that day, no exceptions.

*Should any of these dates change you will be notified in advanced.
**By entering works in these exhibitions, you are agreeing to these guidelines. The Department of Art and Art History also reserves the right to reproduce your entry in the exhibition catalog, on the website, or in other publicity materials.