Will Pestle

Associate Professor

Will Pestle is a bioarchaeologist interested in the reconstruction of the lifeways of the prehistoric peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean. In his research, he uses a variety of biogeochemical analytical techniques to study patterns of subsistence, mobility, and environmental interaction in prehistoric human populations.  He is in the third year of an international multi-disciplinary effort tracing patterns of exchange and migration in the Formative Period of the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, and is beginning a three-year NSF-funded project looking at the lived effects of Tiwanaku influence in Middle Period San Pedro de Atacama. Also, after 10 years of work at the southern Puerto Rican site of Tibes, he is now the director of a regional project focused on human-environment interaction in the western Puerto Rican municipality of Añasco.

Some of Dr. Pestle's recent publications include:

2016    Smith, E, Pestle, W.J., Clarot, A., and F. Gallardo. Modeling Breastfeeding and Weaning Practices (BWP) on the Coast of Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert During the Formative Period. Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology. DOI: 10.1080/15564894.2016. 1253047.

2016    Pestle, W.J., Torres-Rouff, C., Hubbe, M., and E.K. Smith. Eating in or Dining out: Modeling Diverse Dietary Strategies in Middle Period San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences. DOI 10.1007/s12520-016-0398-9.

2016    W.J. Pestle, Torres-Rouff, C., and M. Hubbe. Modeling Diet in Times of Change: The Case of Quitor, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 7:82-93.

2015    Torres-Rouff, C., Knudson, K., Pestle. W.J., and E. Stovel. Tiwanaku Influence and Social Inequality in San Pedro de Atacama, Northern Chile: A Bioarchaeological, Biogeochemical, and Contextual Analysis of the Larache Cemetery. American Journal 
of Physical Anthropology 158(4): 592-606.

2015    Pestle, W.J., Torres-Rouff, C., Hubbe, M., Santana Santana, F., Pimentel, G., Gallardo, F., and K.J. Knudson. Diversidad Dietética en la Prehistorica del Desierto de Atacama: Un Primer Acercamiento a los Patrones Regionales. Chungara 47(2): 201-209.

2015    Pestle, W.J., Brennan, V., Sierra, R., Smith, E.K., Vesper, B.J., Cordell, G.A., and M.D. Colvard. Hand-held Raman Spectroscopy as a Pre-Screening Tool for Archaeological Bone. Journal of Archaeological Science 58:113-120.

2015    Pestle, W.J., Hubbe, M., Smith, E.K., and J.M. Stevenson. A Linear Model for Predicting δ13Cprotein. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 157:694-703.

2015 Pestle, W.J. et al. Mobility and exchange among marine hunter-gatherer and agropastoralist communities in the formative period Atacama desert. Current Anthropology 56(1).121-133.

2014 Pestle, W.J., Crowley, B., and M. Weirauch. Quantifying Inter-Laboratory Variability in Stable Isotope Analysis of Ancient Skeletal Remains. PLOS One 9(7): e102844.

2013 Pestle, W.J. Equals in Death as Life? Mortuary and Isotopic Variation in Late Ceramic Age Puerto Rico.  Journal of Caribbean Archaeology 13:28-42.

2013 Pestle, W.J., Curet, L.A., Rodríguez Ramos, R., and M. Rodríguez Lopez. New Questions and Old Paradigms: Reexamining Caribbean Culture History. Latin American Antiquity 24(3):243-261.

2013 Pestle, W.J. Fishing Down a Prehistoric Caribbean Marine Food Web: Isotopic Evidence from Punta Candelero, Puerto Rico. Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology 8(2):228- 254.

2012 Pestle, W.J., and M. Colvard. Bone Collagen Preservation in the Tropics: A Case Study from Ancient Puerto Rico. Journal of Archaeological Science 39(7): 2079-2090.



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