Pamela Geller

Assistant Professor

Dr. Geller is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Miami. She is strongly committed to transdisciplinarity; her research interests include bioarchaeology and biohistory, feminist and queer studies, materiality of identity, bio-politics and the body, and the socio-politics of the past. She has conducted fieldwork in Israel, Hawai’i, Belize, Honduras, and Perú, and has recently finished a biohistorical study of Samuel G. Morton and his controversial crania collection. Based on this research, Geller is working on a book titled Your Obedient Servant: The Sociopolitics of the Samuel G. Morton Crania Collection. In summer 2015, Geller initiated a project in northern Haiti; still in its early stages, this work investigates contemporary peoples’ interactions and understanding of patrimony associated with the UNESCO World Heritage Site Parc National Historique (comprised of Sans Souci Palace, Citadelle, and Ramiers). Geller is a co-editor of the volume Feminist Anthropology: Past, Present, and Future (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006) and her forthcoming book The Bioarchaeology of Socio-sexual Lives: Queering Common sense about Sex, Gender, and Sexuality will be available in late fall 2016 (Springer). She has also published articles in various journals including World Archaeology, Journal of Social Archaeology, Ancient Mesoamerica, American Anthropologist, and Annual Review of Anthropology

Some of Dr Geller's recent publications include:

Geller, Pamela L. 2017. The Bio-Archaeology of Social-Sexual Lives: Queering Common Sense about Sex, Gender, and Sexuality. Springer International Publishing.

Geller, Pamela L. and Miranda Stockett Suri. 2014. Relationality, Corporeality, & Bioarchaeology: Bodies qua Bodies, Bodies in Context. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 24(3):1-15.

Geller, Pamela L. 2014. Sedimenting Social Identity: The Practice of Pre-Columbian Maya Body Partibility. In The Bioarchaeology of Space and Place: Ideology, Power, and Meaning in Maya Mortuary Contexts, edited by G. Wrobel, pp. 15-38. New York: Springer Press.

Geller, Pamela L. 2012. Parting (with) the Dead: Body Partibility as Evidence of Ancestor Veneration. Ancient Mesoamerica 23(1):115-30.

Geller, Pamela L. 2011.The Sacrifices We Make of and for our Children: Making Sense of Pre-Columbian Maya Practices. In Breathing New Life into the Evidence of Death: Contemporary Approaches to Bioarchaeology, edited by A. Baadsgaard, A. Boutin, and J. Buikstra, pp. 79-106. Santa Fe, NM: SAR Press.

Geller, Pamela L. 2009. Bodyscapes, Biology, and Heteronormativity. American Anthropologist 111(4):504-16.



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