Program Director

Roxane Pickens, Ph.D.
American Studies Interim Director
(305) 284-2604


Christina Lane
Associate Professor of Cinema and Interactive Media,
with a joint appointment in American Studies.
Director, Norton Herrick Center for Motion Picture Studies
(305) 284-3657, 4015, Wolfson Building 


Robin Bachin
Associate Professor of History
Assistant Provost for Civic and Community Engagement
(305) 284-4261,  606 Ashe Building 


Michael Bernath
Associate Professor of History
(305) 284-4554, 612 Ashe Building  

Josh Diem
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Teaching and Learning, School of Education
(305) 284-6034, 324C Merrick Building 

John Funchion
Assistant Professor of English
(305) 284-2182, Rm. 415 Ashe Building 

David Kling
Professor of Religious Studies
(305) 284-3704, 508 Ashe Building

Laura Kohn-Wood
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Educational and Psychological Studies
(305) 284-3001, 310k Merrick Building


Christina Lane
Associate Professor
Program in Motion Pictures, School of Communications
(305) 284-3657, 4015 Wolfson Building

Joseph Parent
Assistant Professor of Political Science
(305) 284-8859, 314F Jenkins Building 

Kunal Parker
Professor, School of Law
(305) 284-9788, G384 Law Library - 

Ashli White
Associate Professor of History
(305) 284-5005, 627a Ashe Building  


Tim Watson
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Department of English
(305) 284-5589, 307 Ashe Building