Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences!

We are so glad that you decided to become a ‘Cane!’

Part of your transition to college life includes selecting some courses for your first semester. This website is intended to help you with that process.Please click on the links below for information about our degree requirements and course selection process for first-semester College of Arts and Sciences students.

Steps for Fall Registration

  • 1.   Please review all of the Registration Guide as it contains VERY important registration information.

  • 2.   Review these lists of Introductory Course Descriptions and First Year Seminars. Cross reference the courses in these lists with the major requirements outlined in the Registration Guide. To further assist you in selecting courses, you may choose to review all course offerings‌ listed for fall. Your schedule will include general education courses as well as major requirement courses. Remember the following when developing your schedule:

    • a.   Keep your schedule balanced with a variety of course types.  

      b.   Pay attention to the days/times each course is being offered and that your selections align with your schedule needs. Avoid time conflicts with your course sections.

      c.   Maintain a list of alternates in case specific sections close, or you change your mind.

      d.   Not all courses will be available at time of registration.


  • 3.   Once you’ve developed your schedule, please return your completed New Student Information Worksheet (Docx‌) (PDF‌) to fys@miami.edu. We will review your course selections and send you an email either approving your courses, or suggesting alternates. After your courses are approved, we will remove your academic advising hold allowing you to schedule online.


  • 4.   At that point, refer to the Student Guide  for instructions on how to register on the student information system, CaneLink. This site also contains other important information with which you should become familiar.


  • 5.   You will be able to review your schedule on CaneLink  after registering for courses.


  • 6.    In July, UM will receive relevant test scores. Only at this time will we be able to confirm which credit you will receive and be able to adjust your schedule accordingly. The Center for Freshman Advising will communicate with you, if necessary, regarding any schedule adjustments. At Orientation in August, you will have the opportunity to meet with an advisor for further discussion on your schedule.


  • 7.    If you have any questions, please review all provided materials first. If after review of the materials you still have questions, refer to our FAQ page if your question is not answered, please contact the Center for Freshman Advising at: 305-284-3437 or E-mail at fys@miami.edu


  • If you are a Foote Fellow you are exempt from the general education requirements.  Please contact the Center for Freshman Advising at 305-284-3437 if you need assistance.

We look forward to seeing you in August!