A Message from the Director of Freshman Advising

Dear Freshman Student, 

As the Director of the Center for Freshman Advising, I wanted to take a moment to welcome you again to the University of Miami.  I am here to help you academically navigate your way through your first year of college.  Along with your academic advisor, your professors and those in many other resource centers on campus, I am here to help you in several ways: choose courses, steer you towards an appropriate major, help you change schools within the University, or answer any other academic concerns that you may have during your freshman year. Just think, there are so many people assigned to help YOU resolve your most pressing issues and questions!

One very important person you need to know well is your freshman advisor.  Once you enter UM, you are assigned a freshman advisor who is a faculty member in an academic area you plan to study.  If you decide to not choose a major until you have "shopped around" and taken courses in a few different areas, we have an entire staff of advisors who specifically want to advise those students who are unsure about their field of study. If you are undecided about your major, the first person you will want to pay a visit to is your faculty advisor.  We have many interested and knowledgeable advisors here in the College of Arts and Sciences, all available to help you with your questions throughout your freshman year.  Don't worry about not choosing a major as a freshman.  You do not need to declare a major until the end of your sophomore year.  In addition, this time gives you the chance to explore all the different disciplines that UM has to offer.

Need extra help with classes?  Speak to various people in departmental offices.  Meet with someone in the Academic Resource Center to schedule an appointment for peer tutoring.  The resources available to you abound here at UM!

Freshman year is a very exciting time and one of many changes.  We hope to make your first year at UM as memorable as possible.   I am here to make your first year academic experience as smooth as possible.  I'd be delighted to meet you, please stop by our the Center for Freshman Advising in Ashe 112 and let me know how I can help you.

Best regards,

Jan Williams-Eddleman, Director 
Center for Freshman Advising 
College of Arts and Sciences