Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences’ Biology Advising. Our task is to guide our biology majors through their undergraduate career effectively, in conjunction with the many resources available in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Office of Student Academic Services. Whether our biology majors continue on to professional school, graduate school or go straight into the work force, the broad background offered by our program will provide them with the foundation necessary for success. A large percentage of our students are pre-medical, pre-dental, or pre-veterinary and continue on to fields within the health care profession. Many others go on to pursue advanced degree in research.

The Department of Biology offers two undergraduate degrees; a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology. Please visit our website at www.as.miami.edu/biology to obtain more information on the Department of Biology, our faculty and our programs. You will also find contact information for our knowledgeable biology advisors.

Biology Advising
Ms. Jahtm Flores
Cox Building, 160
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