Degree candidates in the College of Arts and Sciences who matriculate under Bulletin 2015/2016 and forward must complete at least four writing courses, and at least one such course must be in the student's major discipline (not applicable to BLA students who do not select a major). Students should consult the bulletin section of their major to find out which writing courses are acceptable to the discipline. Transfer students may use a maximum of two transfer courses towards the requirement.

The following table lists the courses that have approval as writing courses. These courses, and only these courses, can be used to fulfil the Writing & Communication proficiency requirement. This table will be updated regularly with further courses, as they are approved.

Last updated :  Wednesday, April 26, 2016 at 3:10 PM

APY301 World Prehistory
APY306 Human Evolution
APY307 Human Adaptation
APY309 Evolution of Human Behavior
APY310 Primate Behavior and Adaptation
APY320 The Evolution of Language
APY345 Blood and Chocolate: Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica
APY360 Anthropology of Food
APY361 Gender and Language
APY362 The Languages of the World
APY384 Carribean Archaeology
APY391 Gender in Ancient Cultures
APY395 Gender, Race & Class
APY396 Youth Culture, Identity and Globalization
APY397 Violence and Ritual
APY399 The Anthropology of Kinship and Family in America
APY413 Medical Anthropology
APY416 Bioarchaeology-Peopling the Past
APY417 Archaeometry: The Science of Material Culture
APY419 Politics of the Past
APY421 Interpreting Bodies
APY480 Undergraduate Internship in Anthropology
APY484 Anthropological Theory
APY485 Archeological Theory and Technique
APY505 Museum Internship
APY511 Artlab@Lowe
ARB310 Topics In Arabic Literature And Culture In Translation
ARB312 Arab Cultures: A Cultural History Of The Arab World
ARB315 Topics In Gender And Sexuality In Translation
ARH343 Modern Art
BIL256 Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory
BIL280 Writing in Biology
BIL331 Ecology Laboratory
BIL343 Animal Communication
BIL371 Readings in Biology
BIL375 Seminar in Biology
BIL380 Writing in Biology
BIL434 Behavioural Ecology of the Galapogos
BIL435 Origins, Ecology and Conservation of Insular Diversity
BIL442 Animal Behaviour Laboratory
BIL452 Evolution and Conservation Genetics
BIL466 Environmental Physiology: Oxygen, Water and Ionoregulatory Stress
BIL480 Writing in Biology
BIL485 Special Topics in Biology
BIL498 Senior Thesis
BIL520 Evolution
BIL580 Writing in Biology
BMB507 Protein Structure, Function, & Biology
BMB511 Topics in Microbiology
BMB545 Research problems in BMB
BOT209 Pathogenic Bact
BPH301 Human Sexuality
BPH301 Human Sexuality
BPH305 Health Disparities
BPH305 Health Disparities
BPH309 Health & Environment
BPH309 Health & Environment
BPH310 Global Health
BPH310 Global Health
BPH321 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
BPH321 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
BPH322 Introduction to Health Policy
BPH490 Community Health Practicum
BPH490 Community Health Practicum
CHI301 Advanced Readings and Diction in Chinese
CHI310 The Esoteric and the Mundane in the Chinese Literary Tradition
CHI311 Comparative Literature in Asia
CHI315 The Powerful Women of Medieval China in History, Fiction, and Modern Media
CHI322 Cultural Topics
CHM320 Instrumental Methods in Chemistry and Biochemistry
CHM364 Physical Chemistry (Laboratory I)
CHM490 Honors Research
CLA210 The Greek and Latin Roots of English
CLA219 Writing on Greek and Roman Mythology
CLA221 Sports & Society In The Ancient World
CLA222 Sexuality and Gender in the Ancient World
CLA224 The Heroic Journey
CLA225 Magic And The Occult In Antiquity
CLA231 Sciences in Ancient Greece and Rome
CLA232 Topics in Ancient Law, Scandalous Trails from the Ancient Legal World
CLA233 Ancient Medicine
CLA241 Greek Civilization
CLA242 Roman Civilization
CLA243 The Art of Government in Greece and Rome
CLA246 Ancient Rhetorical Theory
CLA301 Ancient Greece
CLA302 The Hellenistic Age
CLA303 The Roman Republic
CLA304 The Roman Empire
CLA305 What is a Classic?
CLA306 Reception of Greek and Latin Literature
CLA310 Survey of Ancient Greek Literature and Culture
CLA311 Survey of Classical Latin Literature and Culture
CLA314 Classical Myth in Comtemporary Art
CLA315 The Classical Epic Tradition
CLA322 Monsters and Fantastical Creatures in Western Antiquity and Other Cultures
CLA323 The Ancient World on Screen
CLA325 Vampire in Folklore, Fiction, and Film
CLA340 Greek Tragedy
CLA360 Women In Greek And Roman Antiquity
CLA372 Greek Religion
CLA373 Religions of Rome
CSC405 Computer Science Seminars
CSC410 Computer Science Project Planning
CSC431 Introduction To Software Engineering
ECO445 Global Economics
ECO499 Special Topics
ECS113 Introduction to Environmental Policy
ECS301 Tools for Environmental Decision-Making: The Quantitative Perspective
ECS302 Perspectives on Environmental Decision Making
ECS402 Thesis
ECS403 Interdisciplinary Approaches
ENG201 World Literary Masterpieces I
ENG202 World Literary Masterpieces II
ENG205 Jewish Literature
ENG209 Creative Writing
ENG210 Literary Themes and Topics
ENG211 English Literature I
ENG212 English Literature II
ENG213 American Literature I
ENG214 American Literature II
ENG215 English and American Literature by Women
ENG219 Cw Beginning Mixed Genre Workshop
ENG220 Introduction to Poetry
ENG221 Introduction to Fiction
ENG230 Advanced Business Communication
ENG231 Advanced Writing for Arts and Humanities
ENG232 Advance Writing for People and Society
ENG233 Advanced Writing for STEM
ENG240 Literature and Medicine
ENG241 Art of the Con: Con Artists, Tricksters, and Card Sharks in U.S. Literature and Culture
ENG242 Literature and Law
ENG245 The Circle of Knowledge: Science and the Humanities
ENG250 Studies in English
ENG251 Studies in English
ENG252 Studies in English
ENG253 Studies in English
ENG254 Studies in English
ENG255 Studies in English
ENG256 Studies in English
ENG257 Studies in English
ENG258 Studies in English
ENG259 Studies in English
ENG260 African-American Literature
ENG261 Literature of the Americas
ENG290 Beginning Fiction Workshop
ENG292 Beginning Poetry Workshop
ENG301 The Study of Language
ENG306 Advanced Composition
ENG310 Literature and Culture in Classical Greece and Rome, I
ENG311 Literature and Culture in Classical Greece and Rome, II
ENG312 The European Middle Ages
ENG313 The European Renaissance
ENG314 The European Enlightenment
ENG316 Early Celtic Literature
ENG319 Shakespeare
ENG321 Major American Novelists
ENG323 Major British Novelists
ENG325 Major European Novelists
ENG331 Legal Writing
ENG332 Writing For and About Community Service
ENG333 Writing the Research Paper
ENG340 Forms of the Novel
ENG341 Modern British and American Poetry
ENG342 Lyric Voices and Traditions
ENG345 Edgar Allen Poe and the U.S. Gothic
ENG350 Studies in English
ENG351 Studies in English
ENG352 Studies in English
ENG353 Studies in English
ENG354 Studies in English
ENG355 Studies in English
ENG356 Studies in English
ENG357 Studies in English
ENG358 Studies in English
ENG359 Studies in English
ENG360 Comparative Literature of the Black World
ENG361 Caribbean Literature
ENG363 Jewish American Literature
ENG364 Sephardic Literature
ENG365 Literature of the Holocaust
ENG366 Asian American Literature
ENG368 Representations Of Arabs And Jews In Israeli And Palestinian Literature And Film
ENG372 Women Writing: Theory and Practice
ENG373 Literary Representations of Women
ENG374 Women Writers
ENG375 Modern Drama
ENG376 Contemporary Drama
ENG378 Animals & Humans in Literature, Art, and Philosophy
ENG379 Modern Literature
ENG380 Contemporary Literature
ENG383 The Literature of Science Fiction
ENG384 The Bible as Literature
ENG385 Myth and Literature
ENG386 King Arthur in Literature
ENG387 Literature and Imperialism
ENG388 Literature and Popular Culture
ENG389 The Sixties: Literature, History, And Culture Of The 1960S
ENG390 Intermediate Fiction Workshop
ENG391 Intermediate Mixed-Genre Workshop
ENG392 Intermediate Poetry Workshop
ENG395 Special Topics
ENG396 Special Topics
ENG397 Special Topics
ENG398 Directed Readings/Directed Research
ENG401 Senior Seminar in Literature
ENG404 Creative Writing (Prose Fiction)
ENG406 Creative Writing (Poetry)
ENG407 Creative Writing Special Topics
ENG408 Writing Autobiography
ENG410 Old English Language and Literature
ENG411 Old English Literature
ENG420 Chaucer
ENG430 Shakespeare: The Early Plays
ENG431 Shakespeare: The Later Plays
ENG432 English Renaissance Poetry and Prose
ENG433 English Renaissance Drama
ENG434 Seventeenth-Century Poetry and Prose
ENG435 Milton
ENG440 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature
ENG441 18th-Century British Novel
ENG442 Politics and Literature
ENG450 The Early Romantic Period
ENG451 The Late Romantic Period
ENG452 Jane Austen and Literary Criticism
ENG455 Victorian Poetry and Prose
ENG456 Nineteenth-Century English Novel
ENG460 Modern British Literature
ENG461 Contemporary British Literature
ENG465 Irish Literature
ENG466 Joyce
ENG470 Contemporary British and American Poetry
ENG472 Literature and Psychoanalytic Theory
ENG473 Twentieth-Century Literary Theory
ENG479 Storied Pasts: Nineteenth-Century U.S. History and Literature
ENG480 Early American Literature
ENG482 American Literature: 1800-1865
ENG483 American Literature: 1865-1915
ENG484 American Literature: 1915 to 1945
ENG485 American Literature: 1945 to the Present
ENG486 Early African-American Literature
ENG487 Modern African-American Literature
ENG488 Race, Ethnicity, and Literature
ENG489 Queer Sexualities: Literature and Theory
ENG490 Studies in Women and Literature
ENG491 Russian and Soviet Classics in English
ENG492 Postcolonial Literature and Theory
ENG493 History of Literary Criticism
ENG494 American Literature: 1915 to 1945
ENG495 Special Topics
ENG496 Independent Study
ENG497 Senior Thesis I
ENG498 Senior Thesis II
ENG499 Senior Creative Writing Project
ENG504 Form in Poetry
ENG505 Form in Fiction
ENG595 Special Topics
FRE202 Intermediate French II
FRE203 Advanced French
FRE301 Interpreting Literary And Cultural Texts In French
FRE302 The Cultures of France
FRE303 The Cultures Of Francophone Africa, Canada, And/Or The Caribbean
FRE310 Topics in French and Francophone Studies in Translation
FRE321 Literary Topics
FRE322 Topics in Global French Culture
FRE325 Topics In French-Language Cinema
FRE330 Topics In Gender And Sexuality
FRE340 Migration In Literary And Cultural Studies
FRE345 Franco-Maghrebian Studies
FRE346 African Studies
FRE360 The Caribbean Through Literary And Cultural Studies
FRE363 Medieval And Renaissance Topics In French
FRE364 Early Modern Topics In French
FRE365 19Th Century Topics In French
FRE366 20th and 21st Century Tpoics in French
FRE442 Advanced writing workshop in French
FRE501 Capstone
GEG343 Doomsters & Boomsters: Perspective on Population Growth & Sustainability
GEG346 Immigrant and Refugee Health
GEG402 Geographic Thought and Analysis
GEG501 Place, Region, Nature
GER202 Intermediate German II
GER301 Interpreting Literary And Cultural Texts In German
GER302 The Cultures of the German-Speaking World
GER310 Ger 310: German Studies in Translation
GER321 Special Topics in German Studies
GER365 Twentieth-Century German Studies
GER370 The Holocaust in History, Film, and Memorial Culture
GER442 Advanced Stylistics and Composition
GRE311 Introduction to Prose: Plato
GRE321 Introduction to Greek Poetry: Euripides
GRE411 Homer
GRE421 Greek Orators
GRE422 Aristophanes
GRE431 Herodotus
GSC360 Depositional and Diagenetic Systems
GSC561 Colloquium - Current Topics in the Geosciences
HIS229 Consumer Society: A Global History
HIS254 History of the Cold War in the Americas
HIS267 Objects in History: The Material Culture of Early America
HIS282 The History of Zionism
HIS301 Miami Engagement: History, Media, & Social Change
HIS302 History on Trial
HIS303 Ancient Egypt
HIS304 Slavery and Cinema
HIS309 History of Southern Africa
HIS311 Gandhi and the making of Modern India
HIS312 Femininity, Masculinity, And Sexual Politics In Indian History
HIS313 Bollywood and Beyond: Religion, Gender and Politics in South Asian Film
HIS315 Imperial China
HIS316 Modern China
HIS317 History of the Caribbean, I
HIS318 Modern Caribbean History
HIS325 The Early Middle Ages: Europe, 450-1095
HIS326 The High and Late Middle Ages: Europe 1095-1500
HIS327 The Renaissance in Italy
HIS328 Reformation Europe
HIS331 England to the Accession of the Tudor Dynasty (to 1485)
HIS332 England, 1485-1688
HIS333 England and the Empire in the Age of Queen Victoria (1815-1901)
HIS334 Britain and the Commonwealth in the Twentieth Century
HIS337 Modern European Jewish History
HIS338 The Holocaust in Historical Perspective
HIS339 Germany from the Reformation to 1815
HIS340 History of Modern Germany since 1815
HIS341 History of the Third Reich
HIS342 Europe between the Versailles Treaty and the Cold War.
HIS344 Medieval Russia
HIS345 Early Modern Russia
HIS346 Imperial Russia
HIS347 Soviet Union and Post-Soviet Russia
HIS348 Europe in the Age of Hitler and Stalin
HIS349 European Diplomatic History from Bismarck to the Cold War
HIS352 The Inquisition
HIS353 History of Cuba
HIS354 Latin America's Urban Explosion: 1900-2010
HIS356 History of Argentina's Civilization, Barbarism, and Power
HIS356 History of Argentina's Civilization, Barbarism, and Power
HIS357 Social History of Latin America
HIS359 Caribbean Intellectual History
HIS360 Modern Latin America Through Film
HIS361 American Colonial History (1607-1763)
HIS362 The American Revolution (1763-1783)
HIS363 The Early Republic (1783-1850)
HIS364 Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)
HIS367 Contemporary America
HIS369 Introduction to Urban America
HIS370 Storied Pasts: Nineteenth-Century U.S. History and Literature
HIS371 Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in American History 
HIS371 Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in American History
HIS372 The Sixties
HIS373 The Civil Rights Movement
HIS374 History Of Feminism
HIS375 Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in Early America
HIS376 American Legal and Constitutional History
HIS377 Sport in American History
HIS379 History of the Old South (1607-1861)
HIS381 History of Florida
HIS383 Ideas and Culture in Modern United States History
HIS385 White Man's Burden
HIS386 History of U.S. Relations with Latin America
HIS389 Nineteenth-Century Europe: Barricades, Borders and Bourgeoisie
HIS390 Europe after Hitler
HIS391 The History of Everyday Life
HIS395 World War I
HIS447 Global History of Communism
HIS501 Studies in African History
HIS511 Studies in Asian History
HIS531 Studies in European History
HIS536 Studies in Medieval History
HIS538 Studies in Early Modern European History
HIS544 Studies In Modern European History
HIS551 Studies in Latin American History
HIS553 Studies in Colonial Latin American History
HIS554 Studies in Modern Latin American History
HIS561 Studies in United States History
HIS564 Studies in American Intellectual and Cultural History
HIS565 Studies in American Political and Diplomatic History
HIS569 Studies In African-American History
HIS570 Studies in Public History
HIS591 Studies in Comparative History
HIS595 Studies in Visual History
HIS597 Semester 1 of a 2-Semester Senior Honors Thesis
HIS598 Semester 2 of a 2-Semester Senior Honors Thesis
HIS599 Independent Research
INS101 Global Perspectives
INS102 Global Economics
INS104 Global Perspectives Discussion Section
INS105 Global Perspectives Discussion Section 2
INS201 Globalization and Change in World Politics
INS202 INS Methodology
INS210 INS Topics
INS310 Advanced Topics in INS
INS311 Advanced Topics in INS II
INS319 Empire: Global Legacies
INS320 Global Economics II
INS321 Global Political Economy
INS322 Economics of Development and the Environment
INS324 The History of Zionism
INS325 Israel: The Making of a State
INS330 Introduction of Comparative Studies
INS335 Democratization
INS341 Nationalism, Ethnicity and Conflict
INS344 Gender and Politics
INS352 Panoramic View of the Middle East
INS367 Foreign Policy Topics
INS380 Democracy and Globalization in Latin America
INS385 Latin American Topics
INS391 The European Union
INS394 European Topics
INS410 INS Advanced Seminar
INS411 IR Advanced Seminar
INS415 Independent Study
INS418 Honors Thesis
INS419 Honors Thesis II
INS420 Global Trade
INS421 Poverty and the Environment
INS430 Comparative Studies Seminar
INS450 History of Economic Thought
INS460 United Nations Seminar
INS503 Int Relations Topics
INS504 Int Rel Topics II
INS509 International Migration and the Health Care System
INS510 Issues In Ins
INS515 Independent Study
INS518 Global Migration and Development
INS519 Internship
INS520 Microeconomics for INS
INS521 International Economic System Topics
INS522 Latin American Political Economy
INS524 Intl Econ Topics
INS530 Comparative Analysis
INS532 Globalization and Human Rights
INS533 Transnational Social Movements
INS534 Military, State and Society
INS536 Comparative Political Regimes
INS537 Comparative Political Economy
INS540 National Security
INS542 Drug-Trafficking in the Americas
INS543 National Security and Foreign Policy
INS551 Regional Topics II
INS560 US Foreign Policy
INS561 Negotiation and Bargaining
INS562 International Peace and Conflict Resolution
INS563 International Organizations
INS564 International Law
INS565 The World Before European Domination
INS566 US-Latin American Relations
INS570 Globalization and Health
INS571 International Development and Human Welfare
INS572 Global Health Policy and Ethics
INS573 Disasters, Terrorism and Global Public Health
INS580 Latin American Comparative Politics
INS581 Politics and Ideology in Latin America
INS584 Latin American Thought
INS586 Brazil in Transition
INS590 EURO-LATIN AMER REL (European-Latin American Relations)
INS591 The European Union
INS592 European Union and the World
INS593 European Security
INS594 European Topics
INS595 European Social Movements
INS596 Post-Soviet Topics
INS599 Special Topics
ITA202 Intermediate Italian II
ITA301 Interpreting Literary And Cultural Texts In Italian
ITA310 Topics in Italian Studies in Translation
ITA312 Italian Civilization
ITA314 Topics In Early Modern Italian Literature In Translation
ITA315 Topics In Gender And Sexuality In Translation
ITA316 Topics In 18Th-And 19Th Century Italian Literature In Translation
ITA317 Topics In 20Th Century Italian Literature In Translation
ITA319 Travels Italy
ITA321 Special Topics in Italian Literature
ITA330 Topics In Gender And Sexuality In Italian Culture
ITA363 Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature
ITA364 Introduction to 17th-19th Century Italian Literature
ITA365 Introduction to 20th Century Italian Literature
ITA432 Italian for Business and for Business Travelers
JUS231 Jewish Civilization: Society, Culture, and Religion
JUS324 The History of Zionism
JUS325 Israel: The Making of a State
JUS365 Literature of the Holocaust
LAT301 Catullus
LAT302 Petronius
LAT311 Introduction to Latin Prose: Cicero
LAT321 Introduction to Latin Poetry: Vergil
LAT323 Seneca
LAT411 Horace
LAT421 Roman Epic
LAT422 Lucretius
LAT431 Livy
LAT432 Readings from Suetniuus' "Lives of the Twelve Ceasars"
MIC280 UMiami Scientifica
MIC304 Part 2 of 2: Introductory Microbiology and Immunology (Lab)
MIC441 Microbiology and Immunology Colloquium
MLL321 Topics In Comparative Literary Studies
MLL322 Topics In Comparative Cultural Studies
MLL325 World Cinema
MLL330 Comparative Topics In Gender And Sexuality
MLL340 Migration Studies
MLL345 Franco-Maghreb Studies
MLL360 The Caribbean Through Literary And Cultural Studies
MLL370 Studies In Literature, Culture, And Science
MTH433 Advanced Calculus
MTH461 Survey Of Modern Algebra
MTH502 History of Mathematics
MTH504 Foundations of Geometry
MTH520 Numerical Linear Algebra
MTH533 Introduction to Real Analysis I
MTH561 Abstract Algebra I
NEU403 Neuroscience Laboratory
PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI103 Introduction to Philosophy through Markets and Morals
PHI104 Introduction to Philosophy and the Nature of Scientific Knowledge
PHI105 Introduction to Philosophy through the Brain and Behavioral Sciences
PHI106 Introduction to Philosophy and Health Sciences
PHI107 Introduction to Philosophy and Law
PHI108 Sexual Ethics
PHI109 The Superhuman Mind: An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
PHI110 Critical Thinking
PHI111 Introduction to Philosophy through Video Games
PHI115 Social and Ethical Issues in Computing
PHI130 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHI131 Ethical Debates
PHI135 Love 101
PHI236 Feminist Philosophy
PHI237 Philosophy Of Sport
PHI240 Language, Power, and Politics
PHI241 History and Philosophy of Science
PHI242 Self-Knowledge
PHI244 Philosophy of Emotions
PHI245 Philosophical Psychology
PHI247 Perception
PHI248 Phenomenology
PHI271 Ancient Philosophy
PHI272 Modern Philosophy
PHI295 Special Topics
PHI296 Special Topics
PHI330 Ethics
PHI331 Social and Political Philosophy
PHI332 Philosophy of Law
PHI333 Philosphical Foundations of Criminal Law
PHI334 Biomedical Ethics
PHI335 Professional Ethics
PHI336 Human Rights.
PHI337 Environmental Ethics
PHI338 Philosophy and Feminism
PHI340 Theory of Knowledge
PHI341 Philosophy of Language
PHI343 Philosophy of Science
PHI344 Philosophy of Mind
PHI345 Metaphysics
PHI346 Philosophy of Mathematics
PHI347 Philosophy Of Social Science
PHI348 Perception, Cognition & The Brain: An Into To Cognitive Neuroscience
PHI349 Philosophy of Space and Time
PHI350 Philosophy of Psychology
PHI351 Philosophy of Religion
PHI352 Aesthetics
PHI353 Philosophy of Film
PHI354 Philosophy of Literature
PHI355 History Of Philosophy Of Art
PHI356 Philosophy of Education
PHI360 Assessing Philosophical Papers: Philosophy Conference Organization 
PHI373 Nineteenth Century Philosophy
PHI374 Twentieth Century Philosophy
PHI381 Existentialism
PHI391 Special Studies
PHI392 Special Studies
PHI530 Ethical Theory
PHI533 Political Philosophy
PHI540 Epistemology
PHI541 Mind and Language
PHI543 Induction, Probability, and Scientific Method
PHI544 The Philosophy of Language
PHI545 Metaphysics
PHI546 Evidence and Knowledge in Medicine
PHI553 Philosophy and Film
PHI555 Philosophy Of Education
PHI560 History of Logic
PHI562 History of Ethics
PHI570 Presocratics and Plato
PHI571 Aristotle and Hellenistic Philosophy
PHI572 Medieval Philosophy
PHI573 Early Modern Philosophy
PHI575 Kant
PHI581 Pragmatism
PHI582 History of Analytic Philosophy
PHI583 The Phenomenological Tradition
PHI591 Special Topics
PHI592 Special Topics
PHI593 Special Topics
PHY306 Intermediate Laboratory
PHY362 Modern Physics Honors Seminar
PHY506 Advanced Laboratory
POL309 American Political Thought
POL310 God, Science, and Politics
POL311 Conspiracy Theories And The Public
POL313 The Constitution
POL321 Public Policy And Administration
POL332 Mass Media and Politics
POL344 Gender and Politics
POL348 United States Relations with the Middle East
POL349 U. S. Defense Policy
POL351 Public Opinion
POL362 Social Movements
POL381 West European Politics
POL385 Politics and Society in Latin America
POL388 Politics Of Israel
POL392 International Terrorism
POL506 From Plato through Rawls
POL507 Politics, Sociology, & Economy in Contemporary Brazil
POL522 Introduction to Graduate Public Administration
POL544 Chinese Foreign Policy
POL548 Civic Participation and Democracy
POL566 Activism
POL569 LGBTI Politics
POL571 Sex, Babies, and the State
POL575 The Politics of Civil- Military Relations
POL581 Comparative Political Economy of Post-Industrial Democracies
POL584 Contemporary Latin American Politics
POL588 Politics in China
POL597 Special Topics In International Relations
POR202 Intermediate Portuguese II
POR301 Interpreting Literary And Cultural Texts In Portuguese
POR310 Brazilian Women Writers in Translation
POR321 Studies in Luso-Brazilian Literary Themes
POR322 Topics in Luso-Brazilian Cultures
POR353 Brazilian Poetry
POR354 The Modern Brazilian Novel
POR362 Caribbean Cultural Studies
POR363 Contemporary Lusophone Film
POR364 The Brazilian Short Story
PSY345 Abnormal Child Psychology
PSY390 Intermediate Research Methods And Biobehavioral Statistics
PSY411 Relationships And Health
PSY412 Social and Cultural Neuroscience
PSY413 Cultural Diversity if Phsychology
PSY445 Cultures, Values, Religiosity, and Mental Illness
PSY474 Special Topics
PSY480 Research with Writing Credit
PSY490 Advanced Research Methods
REL131 Religion in America
REL151 Religion and Moral Choices
REL161 Religion and Medicine: Health Care as Spiritual Practice
REL171 Introduction to Islam
REL250 Spiritual, Not Religious: Spirituality in the 21st Century
REL301 Ancient Greece
REL308 The Greco-Roman Context of Early Christianity
REL322 St. Paul: His Letters and Controversies
REL324 The Bible and Modern Film
REL325 Jesus in Myth and History
REL325 Jesus in Myth and History
REL330 Caribbean Religion
REL351 Religious Issues in Death and Dying
REL352 Religion and Science
REL358 Race and Religion
REL360 Religion and Bioethics
REL361 Religion and Youth in Contemporary America
REL362 The Sanctity Of Life: Selected Themes From The Ancient World To The Present
REL370 Islam in Modern Times
REL371 Women, Gender, and Islam
REL372 Islam and the United States
REL375 Democracy and Religion in Israel and Palestine
REL383 Activist Bodhisattvas: Buddhist Ethics And Social Engagement
REL384 Karma
REL388 Living Stories: Narrative In Asian Traditions
REL391 Bollywood and Beyond: Religion, Gender and Politics in South Asian Film
SOC210 Introduction to Social Research
SOC302 Social Psychology: Sociological Perspective
SOC321 Applied Health Policy
SOC351 Business and Society
SOC368 Violence in America
SOC370 Juvenile Delinquency
SOC377 Sociology of Drug Abuse
SOC378 Criminology: Law and Society
SOC381 Aging in Society
SOC410 Social Research Practicum
SOC487 Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice
SOC498 Senior Honors Thesis in Sociology or Criminology I
SOC499 Senior Honors Thesis in Sociology or Criminology II
SPA202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPA203 Advanced Spanish
SPA208 Advanced Spanish for Heritage Learners
SPA301 Interpreting Literary And Cultural Texts In Spanish
SPA302 The Culture of Spain
SPA303 The Cultures of Spanish America
SPA307 Interpreting Literary And Cultural Texts In Spanish For Heritage/Native Speakers
SPA310 Topics in Spanish and Spanish American Studies in Translation
SPA318 Cinema From The Spanish-Speaking World In Translation
SPA321 Introduction to Literary Themes
SPA322 Cultural Topics
SPA325 Topics In Spanish-Language Cinema
SPA330 Topics In Gender And Sexuality
SPA340 Migration Studies
SPA353 Colonial Spanish American Topics
SPA354 19Th-Century Spanish American Topics
SPA355 Studies in 20th and 21st Century Latin American Literatures and Cultures
SPA360 The Caribbean Through Literary And Cultural Studies
SPA362 Caribbean Culture Studies
SPA363 Medieval And Early Modern Peninsular Topics
SPA364 18th and 19th Century Peninsular Topics
SPA365 Studies in 20th and 21st Century Spanish literatures and Cultures
SPA401 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
SPA432 Business and Diplomatic Spanish
SPA433 Spanish for Health Care Professions
SPA434 Legal and Cultural Debates in the Spanish-Speaking World
SPA442 Stylistics and Composition
SPA444 Introduction to Translation
SPA501 Capstone
SPA591 Directed Readings
SPA592 Directed Readings
THA376 Beg, Borrow And Steal: Adapting For The Stage
THA381 Play Analysis I
THA382 Play Analysis II
THA383 Queer Theatre: Body Politics/Staging Sexuality
THA384 Music In The American Theatre: Its Dramaturgy, Music, And Cultural Participation
THA481 Theatre History I
THA482 Theatre History II
WGS201 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WGS350 Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
WGS405 Gender and Sexuality in Cultural Context
WGS469 LGBTI Politics
WGS571 Sex, Babies, and the State

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