UGrow Fellows, 2015-2016

Fély Catan  

UGrow Fellow in the Office of Advancement, College of Arts & Sciences

Originally from France, Fély Catan is a PhD student in the Modern Languages and Literatures department in both the French and the Spanish tracks. Her research interests focus on the Caribbean. She has taught both French and Spanish.


Delia Pamela Fuentes Korban

UGrow Fellow in Special Collections, University of Miami Libraries

Delia Pamela Fuentes Korban is a PhD student at the Modern Languages and Literatures Department. Her research interests are in Latin American cultural production and history, focusing on urbanity and memory projects in Argentine underground and counter-expressions—music, community theater, cartoneras, literature, and film—during and after the 2001 economic crisis.


Adam Hauptfeld

UGrow Fellow in the Office of Communications, College of Arts & Sciences

Originally from Los Angeles, Adam Hauptfeld earned his BA in Philosophy from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Now earning his PhD in the Philosophy Department at Miami, his research focuses on the intersection of epistemology and philosophy of mind. 


Ashley M. Mateiro

UGrow Fellow in the Cuban Heritage Collection, University of Miami Libraries

Ashley M. Mateiro is a graduate student of African History at the University of Miami, working with Dr. Edmund Abaka. She received her BA in Political Science with a minor in International Relations (2006) and her MA in History (2010) from Florida International University. Her research interests include 20th-century African history with a focus on Lusophone studies. Focusing on Gulf Oil Corporation's operations in Cabinda, an enclave of Angola, Ashley's dissertation explores the dynamics of Western and Portuguese interests in African natural resources, particularly in Angola's decolonization struggle and the destabilization of southern Africa.


Brad Rittenhouse

UGrow Fellow in the Center for Computational Science

Brad Rittenhouse is a PhD candidate in the Department of English. His research looks at the proliferation of data in modern industrial capitalism and the strategies literary writers deploy to collect, organize, and encode this information.  



Jorge Arturo Smith Carbajal

UGrow Fellow in Professional Development, The Graduate School

Jorge Arturo Smith Carbajal is pursuing a PhD in International Studies, where he has been a Teaching and Research Assistant. His research fields of interest are international relations, comparative politics, international political economy, and political theory.