Digital Media Initiatives

The CLCS Digital Media site went live in June of 2002. It reflects an organizational template that is far-reaching and open-ended in its scope of critical interests. This digital archive enables students, teachers and readers who are generally interested in learning more about the Caribbean to use digital technology as a platform for learning and teaching about Caribbean culture across the disciplines and different educational levels from high schools to post-graduate education.

The site was developed by the Otto G. Richter Library’s Digital Media Lab Staff for CLCS during the academic year 2001-2002. It takes advantage of the latest in streaming media internet technology and will house the CLS program including video archives, photographic archives, organizational information, conference and special event information.

CLCS wishes to thank Jeff Barry, Fabian Rodriguez and the staff of the Digital Media Lab who helped make this website project possible: Bryanna Herzog, Cristina Montano, and Santiago Loo.