Dr. Sandra Pouchet Paquet
Professor Emeritus, Department of English

Sandra Pouchet Paquet (Ph.D., Connecticut, 1977) is Professor of English at the University of Miami and the major faculty advisor in Caribbean Literary Studies. She teaches in the fields of Caribbean Literature, African-American Literature, and Women's Studies. She is the author of The Novels of George Lamming (1982),Caribbean Autobiography (2002), and co-editor of Music, Memory, Resistance: Calypso and the Caribbean Literary Imagination (2007). She has published numerous book and journal articles in Caribbean and African-American Literature, was guest editor of special issues of Callaloo ( "Eric Williams and the Postcolonial Caribbean" 1997), and Journal of West Indian Literature (Volume 8, Number 1: October 1998 and Volume 8, Number 2: April 1999). She was Director of the pioneering Caribbean Writers' Summer Institute at the University of Miami (1992-1996).

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Jamaican Painter Milton Messam (2001)
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Dr. Patricia Saunders
Associate Professor of English

Prof. Saunders is an associate professor of English at the University of Miami. Her research and scholarship focus largely on the relationship between sexual identity and national identity in Caribbean literature and popular culture. Her work has appeared in The Bucknell ReviewCalabashPlantation Society in the Americas and Small Axe. She is the author of Alien-Nation and Repatriation: Translating Identity in Anglophone Caribbean Literature. Her book traces the emergence of literary nationalism in the Anglophone Caribbean and maps its transformations through discourses of exile, national and sexual identity, and Diaspora race politics in three cultural and political contexts: pre-independence Trinidad, post-independence Britain and the Civil rights era in the United States.