Dr. Lillian Manzor
Associate Professor of Foreign Languages & Literatures

Dr. Lillian Manzor (Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1988) is Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures. She teaches Latin American and Latino/a literatures and cultures, and Women's Studies with a focus on the Caribbean and its diaspora. She is the author of Borges/Escher, CoBrA/Cobra: Un encuentro posmoderno (1996) and Latinas on Stage (2000). She is currently finishing a book Marginality Beyond Return: Gender, Racial and Linguistic Politics in U.S.-Cuban Theater. She is advisor of the theater group La Ma Teodora and co-directed Miami's first International Monologue/Performance Festival (April 2001).

Dr. Tim Watson
Assistant Professor of English

Timothy P. Watson teaches and works in the areas of 19th- and 20th-century literature in English from Britain, the Caribbean, South Asia, and Africa.  He is the author of Caribbean Culture and British Fiction in the Nineteenth Century, 1780-1870.  He is the editor of a new edition of Cynric Williams' Hamel, the Obeah Man (originally published in 1827; forthcoming from Broadview Press).  His current research project is on the transatlantic 1950s,The Sun Also Sets: Transatlantic Culture at the End of the British Empire.  He is cofounder and co-convenor of the Atlantic Studies group at UM, and he is the North American reviews editor for the journal Postcolonial Studies.

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